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Bluetooth Speaker 藍芽喇叭


Love your music and want to share it with friends, or play your favourite songs while on the go?
There's no point spending all your hard-earned cash on a pricey portable sound system you're only going to worry about breaking. Take the spirit of The Underground wherever you go with this mini Bluetooth speaker, which combines a compact, lightweight design with impressive sound.
Ready to liven up any gathering at the flick of a switch, this pocket-sized player punches above its weight in sound definition: perfect for beats on the beach, poolside parties and hiking harmonies.
Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or plug in via your phone's headphone jack, then recharge using a USB cable. A great little gift for the muso in your life.

Bluetooth version: 2.1+EDR
Output power: 3w
Working range: 10m
Built-in battery: 300mah

想將你的音樂同人分享? 想在駕駛時也能與同行者一起聽音樂?
The Underground 在此提供你一個高質素的選擇!我們的迷你藍芽喇叭設計精細,輕巧易用,更有令人驚艷的音質,令你不需要花費大量金錢購買昂貴的音響,亦可享有非一般的享受!
播放器只需利用藍芽連接或插入電話耳機孔連接,方便快捷,用後只需用 USB 線充電就可以了!這個喇叭實為送禮的不二之選!!這個播放器實為送禮的不二之選!

藍牙版本: 2.1+EDR
輸出功率: 3w
使用範圍: 10m
內建電池: 300mah